Friday, October 17, 2014

Sherri Draves Barrett's Video Love Letter

As part of her relentless campaign to convince me that she truly loved me and intended to spend the rest of her life with me, a hard-fought battle to be sure in which her perseverance finally triumphed over my stubborn reluctance to believe her, Sherri sent me this video. Now, for reasons known only to her, she says our relationship never happened or, alternately, that she never meant it. None of it. Letters, e-mails, texts, chats, phone calls, photos, videos, and the days and nights we spent together with bodies inseparably intertwined -- either figments of my imagination or her cruel machinations.  

Does she love me so much she can't cope with a reality where we're not together, in which case this is a touching but sad monument to her commitment to a love stronger than reason, or does she really want people to believe she's a merciless sociopath playing with people's emotions for her personal amusement, perhaps as a self-inflicted punishment due to guilt from failing to live up to her many promises? If the latter she should know I'd have forgiven her long ago if she'd only asked.

Somewhere in her mind is hidden the truth, but this is how I prefer to remember her. Maybe someday she'll come to terms with what happened between us and be able to remember herself this way as well.

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